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New artists looking to create a FINEART gallery are strongly encouraged to go through our technical guidelines, ensuring a smooth and quick submission process.

Because we want buyers to be 100% satisfied when unboxing their new FINEART print, all artworks submitted must be of excellent quality. If one or more of the following guidelines are not respected, submitted artwork will be rejected by Editors.

Minimum resolution on the shortest edge: 3000px at 240dpi.

My file is smaller… can I upscale??
You can upload a smaller resolution file than 3000px at 240dpi, BUT DO NOT UPSCALE YOURSELF, we use a specific software to upscale smaller files. If, despite our in-house upscaling, file is not OK for printing, your artwork will be rejected by Editors with mention “Low Resolution”.

Example of a 100% crop on a 40x60cm print:

Crop ratios for printing are 3/2 (SMALL, LARGE and GIANT sizes) and 4/3 (MEDIUM). This means that all uploaded artworks must be croppable and adapt to these ratios.

Editors have full authority to decide the final crop of artwork before printing.

If submitted artwork cannot gracefully be cropped to 3/2 or 4/3, it will be rejected with with mention “Crop Ratio”.


A photograph or digitalized artwork can present unwanted blur when viewed at 100%. This unwanted blur can make a print look flat and “lazy”. Our Editors are trained to spot such lack of sharpness and judge when an artwork is too soft for printing.

Note: artistic blur (panning shots, long exposure…) are considered OK for printing.

If softness can be reduced without altering the artwork, our production team is allowed to add some sharpness to your file before printing.


Noise/Grain can be less problematic on print than lack of sharpness as it usually pairs nicely with the natural paper grain. Although too much Noise/Grain will make a print feel like bad quality, in which case artwork will be rejected.

Our production team will NEVER use noise-reduction software to submitted files.


Because of legal requirements, we do not allow nudity (in any form) on any artwork presented on the FINEART website. We are working with our legal team to allow tasteful, filtered, artistic nudity in the future.

Any other reasons

FINEART is a curated gallery dedicated to showcase stunning artworks from worldwide professional artists. In order to keep high-quality standards, our team of Editors have full right and confidence to reject artworks for any other reasons than previously mentionned. You will always be notified why your artwork has been rejected.