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Here is FINEART’s Artist Earnings rates:

Sold product Selling price (tax excl.) Artist earning (tax excl.)
SMALL – 30×40cm 75 € 20 €
MEDIUM – 40×50cm 125 € 40 €
LARGE – 50×70cm 225 € 80 €
GIANT – 70×100cm 475 € 160 €

All payements are issued in EUROS (€) through Paypal (conversion fees may apply if your Paypal account is set up in a different currency) or Bank Transfer (conversion fees may apply if your Bank Account account is set up in a different currency).

Payouts will only be issued once we receive your invoice (see Can All Artists Join? tab)

FINEART does not intend to be a white label brand. We are a gallery, featuring outstanding artists and proudly producing there Fine Art prints.

Your artworks will always be treated with the utmost respect by a serious team of professionals: from careful file reviewal by Editors to art printing and packaging by Producers.

Registrating as an Artist on FINEART is totally free.

To open an FINEART gallery, you must be a legally registered professional in your country. No non-professional will be accepted.

Why? In order to withdraw your earnings, you will be obligated to provide us with an invoice. NO payments will be possible unless you provide us a legal and up-to-date invoice at the exact amount of requested payout. You will be able to track your earnings and withdrawal amout in your Sales Dashboard.

The prints

FINEART prints are only available in following formats (total framed size):

  • SMALL – Frame size is 30×40cm (~12×16″) – Image size is 19×29cm
  • MEDIUM – 40×50cm (~16×20″) – Image size is 29×39cm
  • LARGE – 50×70cm (~20×28″) – Image size is 39×59cm
  • GIANT – 70×100cm or (~28×40″) – Image size is 59×89cm

Submitted artwork files must NOT include any signature or watermark, otherwise it will be rejected by Editors.

We do however include your signature on the Certificate of Authenticity.

Prints are Limited Editions of 999 and numbered (regardless of sizes).


Yes, because FINEART prints are Limited Editions of 999, each uploaded artwork on FINEART cannot be sold on other platforms.

Nevertheless, you should note that each artwork can generate a minimum return of 19.980€ (SMALL (20€) * 999).

Validated artists will have access to their own Artist Dashboard, with visibility on all sales and statistics.